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Календарь событийПрочееRCC: ALASH throat singers

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RCC: ALASH throat singers
Начало/Конец:Вторник, 9 Декабря 2008 19:00
Где:Russian Cultural Centre
1825 Phelps Pl. NW
Washington, DC 20008
Телефон:(202) 265-3840


ALASH brings the remarkable art of throat singing from the Republic of Tuva, in the far reaches of Siberia, to Washington DC on December 9.

In Tuvan throat singing, a single vocalist can produce two or more distinct pitches at the same time.

Alash weaves new harmonies into the vibrations, whistles, and growls of traditional Tuvan throat singing, creating a sound at once ancient and contemporary. While this music is intimately connected with the natural world, Alash brings it into the modern concert hall with subtle influences from western music. Alash’s handmade instruments are embellished with carved horses heads, and their songs celebrate the traditional nomadic life. An American-born musician who lives and studies in Tuva provides informed and witty commentary to help bridge the musical and cultural gap for the American audience.

For more information about Alash and Tuvan throat singing, see the

Tickets - $ 35

RSVP at or call 202 265 38 40

Event starts at 7 PM

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